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Statistics 133 - Short Assignment 2 due on bSpace at 11pm Friday, Sept. 17 You are welcome to complete this assignment in pairs. If you do, you may use a single file with both names at the top. However, each person should separately upload the file to bSpace. 1. The goal of this assignment is to critique an existing plot and then improve upon it using the plotting functions in R. First, go to This is a site that allows you to share your plots and interpretations of data. Look around at the plots, and choose one that shows data on a topic that interests you and that you think you can improve upon. 2. Open up Word and write a one paragraph description of the plot, including a description of the data used in the plot the type of plot, and whether it is appropriate for this type of data what point you think the plot is trying to make what problems you see with the plot. Are there any items from the “Dirty Dozen?” Paste a copy of the plot into your Word document. You may be able to drag it
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