7.04b - confidence interval for the mean SAT Verbal score...

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User : deniz gul In Course : Adv Pl Statistics V9 ( 2992) Instructor : Marlena Morrison If you would like to take this exam again, you can reset the exam and take it again This exam can be reset 3 time(s). Your score on this exam is 7 out of 20 . Answer Key for 7.04b Question 1 (Worth 4 points) The one-sample t statistic for a test of Based on n = 10 observations has the value t = -2.25. a. What are the degrees of freedom for this statistic? b. What is the P-value for this test? ESSAY SUBMISSION a) n-1= 9 b) .05 ESSAY FEEDBACK b) You'll need to use the tcdf function in your calculator: tcdf(lower bound, upper bound, df) Points earned on this question : 3 Question 2 (Worth 4 points) An SRS of 16 Spokane County Schools' seniors had a mean SAT Verbal score of 500 with a standard deviation of s = 100. We know that the population is normally distributed. We wish to determine a 90%
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Unformatted text preview: confidence interval for the mean SAT Verbal score for the population of all seniors in the district. a. Using the above data, the critical value has how many degrees of freedom? b. What is the critical value for the 90% confidence interval? c. Find the 90% confidence interval. d. Suppose the population of all high school seniors has a mean score of 450. We wish to see if the data provide evidence that the mean score of seniors is larger than 450. Write the hypotheses for this test. e. Carry out the appropriate test of significance at the 5% level and write your conclusions. ESSAY SUBMISSION ESSAY FEEDBACK a) This is n-1 b) Use invT(proportion,df) c) Try this again with the corrected value from b. d) Please state you Ho and Ha e) First be sure to comment on the conditions for the procedure. Then find t: t = (x-bar - )...
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7.04b - confidence interval for the mean SAT Verbal score...

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