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Margarita - Paul Man how cool"An orchestra MARGARET...

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Margarita: I love this picture. It is beautiful. Julio: Yes, the colors are vibrant. Susan: But I do not like the faces of girls. They look very sad. July: But they have very pretty dresses in many colors. Paul: It's true, Susan. The picture is beautiful because it has many colors and vibrant. No matter that the girls are sad. Susan: I do not like pictures that show the sadness. Margarita: Susan, when you're an artist paint pictures full of people happy. Paul, Susan, Will you be an artist? MARGARET: Yes, she is an artist. The paintings of it are fantastic. It has a huge mural on the wall of his bedroom. Julio: Really? Susana: I, I have a mural of a dancer in the theater.And behind her is a large orchestra.
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Unformatted text preview: Paul: Man, how cool! "An orchestra? MARGARET: Yes, a full orchestra and chorus with instruments. She painted more! July: What is put on the wall? Susan: Well, I think I'll paint a mariachi band and a choir. Paul: Painting a choir! How many people will have in your choir? Susana: I dunno. The choir will leave a door down here. Daisy: I know you will love the painting. Paul: I would like to view. Am I the samples, Susan? Susana: __________________. When we go home. Where is the trash? I want to go to the National Theater. Julio: I ______________. The work of this week is . .. "a sad man." I know you like it!...
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