microbiology notes unit 1

microbiology notes unit 1 - Flagella may appear to undulate...

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Flagella may appear to undulate like an eel they actually rotate 360 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise. The basal body spins much like drive shaft in electric motor. Clockwise = tumbles changes directions, counter clockwise= single direction. taxis-Movement toward /away from stimulus, photo taxis- from/to light chemical-from/to chemical in both cases bacteria receptors that send signals to the flagella in the case of positive taxis/toward stimulus tumbles become less frequent. negative taxis-tumbles become more frequent going away from the stimulus. Long whip like portion of the flagellum is the filament filament composed of many identical globular proteins called flagelin, flagellin molecules form helical chains around a hollow core certain pathogenic bacteria classified by differences in their flagellar proteins, no membrane covers prokaryotic flagellum, eukaryotic flaggellum has membrane whiplike filament inserts into curved structure called the HOOK hook composed of different protein connects to basal body basal body composed of rod and two or four rings, different proteins than the hook anchor the flagellum to the cell wall and allow it to rotate 360 degrees. a gram positive has two rings a gram neg has four single flagellum is monoTRICHOUS , counter clockwise-single direction clockwise-tumble & change direction amphiTRICHOUS - either end of cell lophoTRICOUS - lots at one end = cw- separation/tumble counter cw-single direction periTRICOUS cover the
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microbiology notes unit 1 - Flagella may appear to undulate...

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