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homework6 - AST 203 AstronomyHomework#6 Due Thurs by 6:00...

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AST 203: Astronomy —Homework #6 Due: Thurs. March 31, 2011 by 6:00 pm Reading Assignment: Kutner, Chapter 10, 11, 12 Note: you must show your work and include units with all numbers, all throughout each problem. Kutner problem numbers refer to the problems not the questions at the end of the chapter. 1. You observe a Cepheid variable star with a period of 10 days and an apparent blue magnitude of m B = 10. You cannot determine if it is a Classical (Type I) or Type II Cepheid. a. If it is a Classical (Type I) Cepheid star, what is its distance from you? b. If it is a Type II Cepheid, what is its distance from you? 2. Kutner, problem 10.12 3. A Type II supernova is powered by the gravitational collapse of the stellar core, down to the size of a neutron star. Imagine the 1.4 M Fe core of a massive star collapsing down to 15 km. a. How much gravitational potential energy is released during this collapse? b. Only 1% of this energy is radiated away as photons or goes into the kinetic energy of the explosion (the rest goes into neutrinos). What is the total energy that we can expect in the form of photons/kinetic energy from
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