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stellar-evolution - Key Concepts in Stellar Evolution...

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Unformatted text preview: Key Concepts in Stellar Evolution Hydrostatic equilibrium P everywhere supports weight of material above it We can approximate this as: PC % GMf/Rf Note: massive stars will have higher central pressures, and therefore higher central T Shell burning (w/ inert core) Core contracts —> g at surface increases (since gshell—base = GMc/Rg ) Stellar material weighs more —> P must increase (HSE) —> increase in T —> reaction rates increase (reactions very T sensitive) Ash from shell dumps onto core —> core mass increases —> core radius decreases (degenerate) —> shell becomes even more luminous AST 203 (Spring 2010) Key Concepts in Stellar Evolution Fusing heavy elements requires higher T Heavy elements have more protons —> Coulomb repulsion higher (Z1€)(Z2€) r[a2 F electric — Higher T —> higher velocity —> able to overcome Coulomb barrier (w/ tunneHng) Degenerate cores Degeneracy pressure important a high density Greater mass core —> smaller radius —> higher g at surface AST 203 (Spring 2010) ...
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