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please print - 1000 Leif Ericson discovers Vinland(New...

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1000. Leif Ericson discovers Vinland ( New England ). 1492. October 12. Columbus discovers the New World. 1497. The Cabots discover the continent of North America. 1498. Columbus on third voyage discovers South America. 1506. Columbus dies at Valladolid. 1507. New World named after Americus Vespucius. 1513. Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean and Ponce de Leon discovers Florida. 1519-1521.Cortez conquers Mexico. Magellan sails round the world. 1524. Verrazano and Gomez explore New England coast. 1528. Cabeza do Vaca explores southern United States . 1533. Pizarro conquers Peru. 1534. Cartier sails to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 1541. Do Soto discovers the Mississippi River. 1565. Founding of St. Augustine. 1576. Frobisher discovers northwest passage, Frobisher Strait. 1579. Drake explores coast of California. 1584. Raleigh sends first expedition to America. 1588. Defeat of the Spanish Armada. 1604. Acadia settled by the French. 1607. May 12. Founding of Jamestown, Virginia . 1608. Founding of Quebec by Champlain. 1609. Hudson discovers the Hudson River. 1619. First assembly meets at Jamestown. Slaves first sold in Virginia . 1620. Coming of the Pilgrims in the Mayflower . 1623. Settlements at New Amsterdam . First settlements in New Hampshire . 1630. The great emigration to Massachusetts . The founding of Boston. 1634. Maryland first settled by Calvert. 1635. Connecticut settled by emigrants from Massachusetts . 1636. Founding of Providence by Roger Williams. Harvard College founded. 1637. War with Pequot Indians. First negro slaves in New England . 1638. Swedes first settle in Delaware . 1639. First constitution in America adopted by Connecticut . 1643. May 30. New England Confederation formed. 1649. Toleration Act in Maryland . 1655. Stuyvesant conquers the Swedes in Delaware . 1656. Quakers expelled from Massachusetts . 1662. Connecticut charter granted. 1663. Charter granted to Rhode Island . Charter for the Carolinas granted. 1664. September 8. The English conquer New Amsterdam . New Jersey given by King Charles II to his brother, the Duke of York. 1667. Fundamental Constitutions drawn up for the Carolinas . 1673. Marquette explores the Mississippi. 1676.
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please print - 1000 Leif Ericson discovers Vinland(New...

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