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WWII Text Question - Melissa Cougar WWII Text Question 1....

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Melissa Cougar WWII Text Question 1. During the war years, African Americans were still fighting for their rights for equality. The Jim Crow laws were still in effect and causing more tension. Riots broke out in Detroit and Los Angeles as a cause of racism. The global fight against fascism proved helpful to the movements that were working for social change in America. The Amsterdam News, a newspaper aimed at African Americans, called for a “Double V” campaign-victory at home as well as abroad. The labor leader A. Philip Randolph promised to lead tens of thousands of black workers in a march on Washington to demand more defense jobs and integration of the military forces. Randolph’s persistence ultimately forced Roosevelt to create the Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC). Soon after they had integrated restaurants, theaters, and other public facilities, especially in wartime Washington DC. 2. Women became permanently entrenched in the work force because of the opening of millions of manufacturing jobs due to men being sent abroad. 350,000 women volunteered for military duty during the war, and more than a thousand became pilots for the Women’s Air force Service Pilots (WASPs). Military service by women, together with their expanding roles in the wartime labor market,
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WWII Text Question - Melissa Cougar WWII Text Question 1....

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