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GEOCHEMISTRY TERM PAPERS One of the requirements for the GLY 6246, Advanced Environmental Geochemistry, course is a term paper and presentation. . The papers are due on April 8, 2010. Paper topics are due by Thursday, February 4 , 2010. Comments and approval/disapproval of topics will be returned on February 11 , 2010 . It is permissible to change your topic after February 4, 2010 if a new submission is made and approved. However, it is clearly in the student's best interest to pick a suitable topic and adhere to it. Two months are available for writing the paper, which should allow adequate time to gather reference information. The use of Inter-Library Loan (ILL) may be necessary. This service may take anywhere from one week to one month. Begin work on gathering resources as soon as possible. Requirements: February 4 , 2010 All students should submit a paper for approval. Papers must be submitted by e-mail to the instructor, in either Word (*.doc) or WordPerfect (*.wpd) format . This should be in the form of an abstract of 1-2 paragraphs length. The paper title must appear at the top of the abstract and the methods of topic development elaborated. If you have access to special information, this should be so indicated. You may not use work that is not in the public domain unless you must get explicit permission in writing from the owners of the information. This paper may serve as an early step in planning your MS Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation, as long as the topic falls within the broad area of environmental geochemistry. The work may involve a project you have worked on previously, either alone or in a group. This paper should represent an original presentation of the topic, specifically developed and written for this class. Data used need not be your own, provided you give proper attribution for all work taken from other sources . Suggestions for paper topics are available
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