6246WL2_S10 - GLY5243WordlistforFinalExam

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GLY 5243                                Wordlist for Final Exam            The final examination will be given on Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 6:45 p.m.  The exam will cover lectures 8 - 14. The test will be designed to take about 2 + hour, but you may take until 9:30 to finish if you wish. Up to 20% of the exam will be review from Midterm 1. The type of questions may include any of the following: True-False                                    Short Answer                                Diagram Multiple Choice                             Fill-Ins                                           Matching   LECTURE 8 - CARBON CHEMISTRY  Carbon Chemistry           Bicarbonate ion           Carbonate ion           Carbonic acid Buffer Carbon sink Weathering Reaction Control Carbonate Equilibria pH of seawater Increased solubility of calcium carbonate in sea water           Polymorphism           Temperature           Pressure           Other dissolved substances           Supersaturation Kinetic factors pH of rainwater Carbon cycle
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6246WL2_S10 - GLY5243WordlistforFinalExam

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