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Suggested Subject Areas for Term Papers Environmental geochemistry covers a broad area, with many cross-disciplinary links. Below are some potential subject areas for term papers. Some of these are quite broad, and will require focusing to make the subject appropriate for a term paper. 1. Acidification of the Ocean in an enhanced carbon dioxide world - As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increase, carbonic acid is formed and is added to the ocean. This influences many aspects of oceanic geochemistry and biogeochemistry. This is a broad topic which will require considerable focusing. 2. Nutrient Export From Global Watersheds and Impacts on Water Quality and Eutrophication - Man's activities have altered, and will continue to alter, the delivery of nutrients to various environments, such as rivers, coastal zones, etc. A special section in Global Biogeochemical Cycles in 2009 examined a variety of issues in this regard. 3. Anthropogenic release of methane - Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Man s activities disturb natural wetlands and create other wetlands. Wetlands are a source of methane. In addition, methane hydrates are being considered as the next source of fossil fuel. Mining these hydrates might have serious environmental consequences. Papers could focus on some aspect of the methane situation. 4. Role of limiting nutrient introduction into the biologic productivity of a target region - The biologic productivity of many regions is limited by the lack of a specific nutrient element. Phosphorous and nitrogen
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TP_Topics_S10 - Suggested Subject Areas for Term Papers...

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