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ESC 3704 Fall, 2010 In-Class Exercise #1 The video “On Thin Ice”, narrated by Martin Atkin, will be shown in class. Answer the questions as the movie progresses, then write answers to the discussion questions after the video is over. 1. When the film begins, glaciologists are boarding a ship. Where was the departure point? What year is it? What organization operates the ship? Why were they going on this trip? (4 points) The trip started in Isafjordur, Iceland in June, 2005, destination Greenland. Greenpeace operates the ship Arctic Sunrise. Mr. Atkin says, “There were indications that the world’s largest island was suffering badly from climate change.” No one knew how serious the situation was. The voyage was to document on-going climate change. 2. Interviews with people from Ittoqqortoormilt, the most northern village on the east coast of Greenland, have eked out a living for generations by doing what? What is happening to change that way of life? (3 points) Hunters, using dog sleds, have hunted adult seals, used for both food and clothing. Sea-ice used to come in September, but now is delayed until December or January, and sometimes February. There limits the animals available to hunt, and has cut back on the number of hunters, some of whom are forced to find other jobs. 3. The ship visited a fjord below Kangerdlugssuaq glacier in East Greenland. Dr. Gordon Hamilton (University of Maine) and his grad student, Leigh Sterns, found the glacier had retreated about five kilometers since the last satellite images, taken a few years before. The
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glacier is 7.5 kilometers wide ad one kilometer thick. How much does Dr. Hamilton say the top of the ice has dropped? What scale comparison does Mr. Atkin give to show how big the glacier is? How fast do the scientists find the glacier is moving (use the calibrated value)? What other glacier was found to have increased its speed about 40% from 2001 to the observation date? (4 points) He says the ice dropped a thousand feet. Mr. Atkin says two Manhattan islands would fit on the glacier.The glacier was found to be moving 14.1 kilometers per year or 38 meters per day. This was a tripling of the speed from 1996 to 2005. Helheim glacier was found to be moving 11 km per year, about a 40% increase in four
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In-Class_Exercise01K_F10 - ESC 3704 Fall, 2010 In-Class...

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