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Demo1_Day1 - DANC 142 Technical Demonstration I Adagio Demo...

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DANC 142 Technical Demonstration I Adagio Demo Begin in croisé 3 rd , right foot front 1-4--port de bras through 1 st and 2 nd 5-8--repeat 1,2--arms en avant 3,4--arms 4 th (or 3 rd en haut), crossed arm line 5,6--switch to open arm line 7--arms 3 rd avant, open arm line 8--bras bas 1,2--sur le cou-de-pied devant with downstage foot 3,4--passé, arms en avant 5,6--attitude devant, arms 4 th , open arm line 7,8--extend leg devant 1,2--to passé, arms avant 3-5--développé to 1 st arabesque 6,7--sweep arms to 2 nd arabesque & 8--point tendu derrière, pivot to en face, arms 2 nd , feet 1 st Terre à Terre Demo
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