ART 105 Midterm Review - ART 105 Midterm Review Masaccio...

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ART 105 Midterm Review Masaccio (early 15 th -century Florence), “Holy Trinity” New perspective system Architectural forms established by Brunelleschi Single vanishing point at complex angle of viewer 3-D, deep space through architecture painting technique Illusionistic interior Classical architectural structures – Corinthian columns Spacial arrangement = meaning: high vs. low space Realistic and natural Gravity on Christ’s forms Transparent drapery Donors included The Brancacci Chapel in Florence Van Eyck (early 15 th -century Flemish), “Amolfini Wedding”: Fabric texture convincingly portrayed References to woman’s fertility – her drapery, her gestures, ref’s to St. Margaret, dog, fruit signifying natural abundance All features have Christian significance Intriguing convex mirror Latin “Jan van Eyck was here” = parallel between God and the mortal artist Van Eyck (early 15 th -century Flemish), “ Botticelli (1445-1510), “Birth of Venus”: Mythological subject matter Renaissance interest in pagan subject matter The “Medici Venus” nude – elongated and elegant Linear quality through her hair and drapery Piero della Francesca (fifteenth century Italy?), “Duke of Urbino”: Raphael (High Renaissance, 16 th -century Flemish), “Marriage of the Virgin”: Rubens (Baroque, 1577-1640 Flemish), “Venus and Adonis”: Mythological painting Celebrates sensual side of life Unaffected by Counter-Reformation
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ART 105 Midterm Review - ART 105 Midterm Review Masaccio...

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