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Lindsay Harmon March 3, 2009 GARTH 206 - Midterm Take-Home Assignment “Raphael’s Frescoes in the Stanza Della Segnatura” Freedberg focuses on the qualities of Raphael’s monumental frescoes (1509-1511) in the Stanza Della Segnatura in the Vatican City, Rome, which were commissioned by Pope Julius II at the papal court. A sequence of massive frescoes consume the four walls of Julius’ library and depict the four branches knowledge: theology, philosophy, law, and the arts, which represent Raphael’s mature style, the Pope as the epitome of a Renaissance man, as well as the parallel between classical ideals and contemporary mentality of humanist experience. The frescoes are arranged methodically, in a complementary manner that suggests interrelations between subjects of knowledge and that, as a whole, fulfill and even surpass the ideals of classical thinking. Together, the assertiveness and gestures of oversized, identifiable figures from antiquity along with their self-created, animated space function to create a sense of rhythmic unity, bringing attention to classicism within Christianity. Despite this unity, Raphael has taken on different approaches to space,
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