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GPOSC 225 - Paper Assignment - Harmon 1 Lindsay Harmon...

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Harmon 1 Lindsay Harmon GPOSC 225 – TR 11:00-12:15 Paper Assignment December 4, 2008 A rising trend of the media market since the mid-1900s has both changed the political scene and magnified the purpose of individual officeholders in the American democracy. This media-driven political trend toward a more candidate-centered political outlook has produced negative effects and a cynical attitude on politics among the public. I will argue that in several of the films we watched for class, the producers cherry-picked politicians and cases to match their skeptical views about how the American democracy functions. Additionally, with profit, prestige, and competition in mind, film-producing companies hire professional, experienced writers and actors who know how to attract the public’s attention, hence increasing revenue. They make it appear as if the process of candidate selection hinges on nothing more than corrup- tion and scandal. It is no wonder that Americans have a negative outlook on politics when films such as these exaggerate the negative aspects that are inevitably involved in politics and every- day life. For example, in the 2000 movie The Contender , the plot is centered on President Evans’ selection of his vice presidential candidate, Senator Laine Hanson. Senator Hanson is an attract-
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GPOSC 225 - Paper Assignment - Harmon 1 Lindsay Harmon...

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