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cold war notes - policy-Showed that like President Wilson...

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Kennan – head of the State Department until 1950 - Kennan developed the containment theory because of threat of Soviet Union - After touring Latin America, observed Communist influence in the region and saw it as a threat/tool of Soviet national power - U.S. interest in Latin America for its “raw materials” at the this time, so must combat Communism that was spreading thru Latin America; threat of Soviet Union’s projection of Communism in Latin America is also threat to U.S. security - Kennan Corollary: labeled by Gaddis Smith; known as 3 rd corollary to the Monroe Doctrine; Kennan stated that U.S. intervention in Latin America is justified by the Monroe Doctrine in order to support “repressive regimes” against the spread of Communism; a cornerstone of U.S. Cold War foreign
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Unformatted text preview: policy-Showed that, like President Wilson, “the operative meaning of the Monroe Doctrine is that the U.S. considers its own interests”-Many applications of Kennan Corollary (1950s and 1960s we overthrew/supported overthrow of parliamentary governments in Latin America) : o Guatemala 1954 o Cuba 1964: State Department declares Fidel Castro to be an “intolerable threat because he represents a successful defiance of the United States” - “a negation of our whole hemispheric policy of almost a century and a half, since the Monroe Doctrine declared that no challenge to U.S. dominance would be tolerated in the hemisphere” o (Same situation as Cuba and Castro in 1964): Now, Venezuela’s President Chavez How about Bush’s speech in 2005?...
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