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courts criminal justice

courts criminal justice - jurisdiction system by 1945 all...

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Courts_CRJU Not every state has the same court/jurisdiction structure. Variation across states in limited jurisdiction; some states has specialty courts/courts of special areas (i.e., environmental). All states have a Supreme Court. Original jurisdiction: Appellate jurisdiction: hear appealed cases. Specialty courts: - Advantages: allows for more service-quality approach; engages community interest to greater extent - Disadvantages: Evolution of juvenile courts: (something)… then reformatories, which gave way to more formalized
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Unformatted text preview: jurisdiction system; by 1945, all states had juvenile courts (?) Goals of juvenile court system: to make a process that’s more effective; Restorative justice – (definition); mixed statistics and feelings on this Function of state-supported offices: tend to administrative duties/processes of courts/jurisdictions Expectations for courts:-Follow rules of criminal procedures-Etc…...
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