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Ch. 8 Communication Formal communication (sanctioned) – emails/written from top to bottom chain of command - Benefits/advantages: confidence in validity; short; to the point - Disadvantages: less personal; may be too much information; slow Informal (unsanctioned) – management by walking around; the grapevine - Advantages: very quick - Disadvantages: but quick information may not always be accurate information Filtering – sometimes because of apathy Organizational barriers – cultures within organization; built-in biases; built-in trust toward groups/individuals 1. Wheel – one (central) person distributes message to all members 2. Chain – from person to person
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Circle 4. All channels /star – everyone able to communicate with everyone; also a central person; **best method of communication Challenges facing CRJU as far as communication: Various manners/methods of communication-(always) changing Learning: Is communication a lost cause?-Single loop learning: reactive learning; i.e., it’s hot, so turn heat off; doesn’t fix the problem-Double loop learning: allows chance to fix/prevent future problem(s); enables more creativity/innovation; proactive; finding solution to the problem(s); i.e., instead of letting inmates rot in prison, lets set up rehabilitation programs so they can improve...
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