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Final Exam essay questions - 1. Describe the four main...

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1. Describe the four main elements of the French Republican model in both its historical and contemporary forms. What implications does this model have, both positive and negative, for governance in France today? 1. Unmediated relationship between citizen and state - Historical: - Contemporary: - (negative) disconnect between government and society under Chirac – failure to address critical reform problems - (negative) Sarkozy known to ignore/seem better than the public; also, has repressed protests; more willing to stand up against protests (Econ. election articles) - (positive) Sarkozy 2. Enlightenment thru education in public, secular, uniform schools - Historical: - Contemporary: - (-): downturn in education sector; using education budget for administrative purposes; lack of education of Muslims and second and third-generation French Muslims/immigrants (Kramer); In reality, two-tier higher education system – grandes ecoles caters to tiny group of elites and second-rate universities overcrowded/high drop-out rate/free/LOW QUALITY; student and teacher protests in response to education budget cuts (Econ. election articles) - positive: grandes ecoles (elite public administration schools); in globalized, Internet-based world, realize the need to be more willing to speak English/accept the English language and put it into education curriculum (Sarkozy is pro-American) (Econ. election articles) - other: in 2004, ban on wearing religious symbols in school; burqa ban by Sarkozy – separation between state and religion (Econ. election articles) - other: political leaders are graduates of France’s elite education universities/institutions (Econ. parties articles) 3. Special vocation on the international stage – the “bearers of the values of democracy” - Historical: - more like authoritarian - Contemporary: - Sarkozy not very democratic because doesn’t seem to care much about what the people want Economically, U.S. and Britain looking to the French model for suggestions (Econ. election articles) 4. Strong activist state – most state-centric model - Historical: yes, but difficult during cohabitation periods - Contemporary: - definitely under Sarkozy – despises liberal market/competition, and calls for a “government that protects” (Econ. parties articles) - “state’s role as provider, cushioning citizens, redistributing wealth, and propping up demand in hard times” (Econ. election articles) - 2 other roles: planner and regulator (Econ. election articles) - “impulse to control” as a central characteristic of French model, which has to do with its roles as provider, planner, and regulator; good at rule-making, but does not allow for innovation/dynamic growth in good economic times (Econ. election articles) 2. Describe the traditional elements of French presidentialism. What are its main features? Under what circumstances may presidentialism be weakened? What evidence is there of a revitalized presidential system today? What are its prospects for
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Final Exam essay questions - 1. Describe the four main...

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