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th , 2011 (Chapters 3 and 4) True/False questions carry 1.5 points each, Multiple Choices carry two points each and the Essay type questions carry 5 points each. The total score is 50 points. I will round up if your total score is in decimals. True/False Chapter 3 1 . The income distribution is skewed to the right; therefore the Median Income must be less than the Mean Income. True (should be False, look at page 106) 2 . The range of the measurement is the largest measurement plus the smallest measurement. False 3 . The mean is said to be more resistant to extreme values. True 4 . If there are 5 classes in a frequency distribution then the third class does not necessarily contain the median. False Chapter 4 5 . The probability of an event is the multiplication (or product) of the probabilities of the sample space outcomes that correspond to the event. False 6. If events A and B are independent, then P(A/B) is always equal to zero. False 7. If events A and B are mutually exclusive, then P(A/B) is always equal to zero. True 8. Events that have no sample space outcomes in common and, therefore cannot occur simultaneously are referred to as independent events. False
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Assignment2,%20Tian%20Li,%2050065837[1] - Assignment-2 due...

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