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Assignment_1_Spring_2011 - For assignment one you can...

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ASSIGNMENT 1 MKT 501 (Marketing Environment) Spring 2011 Dr. Taneja Instructions: 1. Read the Sonic Marketing Plan outline on page A1 through A8 in the back of your textbook. This is for background information only. 2. Read the Final Paper Assignment in Doc Sharing for our class. 3. Select an existing company that you want to use for the final paper. 4. Prepare a two-page paper where you describe the company you select and begin your research on the market mix for the company you wish to analyze. The marketing mix is product, price, promotion, and place (physical distribution). Provide basic information about the company you are researching, where it is located, financial condition, and so on.
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Unformatted text preview: For assignment one you can thoroughly research ONE of the marketing mix variables, or you can do research on the entire marketing mix… but at this point your paper should only be two pages. You will complete your analysis in the Final Paper. 5. At this stage list the competitors but discuss in detail in the final paper. 6. Be sure to include proper APA citations in both Assignment 1 and your Final Paper. Assignment 1 should be no more than two pages in length. Papers must be submitted in Word. See “Final Paper Requirements” on syllabus for more formatting instructions....
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