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MKT 501.01E 2011 MKT 501- 01E: MARKETING ENVIRONMENT SPRING SEMESTER: March 21- May 13, 2011 CLASSROOM: BA- 256 MEETING TIMES: See Course Schedule for Assignment Due Dates NOTE ABOUT TIMES: All times and deadlines for this course are listed as Central Standard Time (CST) Zone (Commerce, TX) times. Instructor: Dr Sonia Taneja Office: BA Building, Room 210 Phone: 903-886-5697 Fax: 903-886-5702 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 12-5 PM REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Marketing Management, 13 th Edition (2009), by Kotler & Keller, Pearson/Prentice Hall. ISBN 978-0-13-600998-6 SPECIAL NOTE: The course will be open in ecollege at the January start of the semester. You should enter the course for orientation, but participation in the modules will not commence until March 21 st . COURSE OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES : A study of the marketing environment of business with emphasis on major aspects of sociocultural, demographic, technological, global, legal, political, and ethical issues. The study of marketing emphasizes the functional areas of marketing including product and service selection and development, marketing channels, promotion, and pricing. Marketing research, consumer behavior, industrial buying and international implications are also considered. Course Objectives: This course hopes to keep our students in the cutting edge of today’s marketing practices. The course has four primary objectives. These include: 1. To understand the basic principles of Marketing. 2. To demonstrate the uses of marketing mix in corporate strategy. 3. To familiarize students with the basics of creating a marketing plan. 4. To provide students with an opportunity to learn about excellent examples of marketing-driven companies throughout the world. COURSE FORMAT: Marketing Environment Page 1
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MKT 501.01E 2011 This course is Web-enhanced therefore part of it would be conducted web-based and part of it would be covered in the class. You will find the majority of the information and materials that you will need to complete the course in this syllabus and on the eCollege course management website. Be sure to log onto eCollege and check your university e-mail regularly to see what work you are required to do. PowerPoint slides will be available for each of the assigned book chapters, under the Doc Sharing tab. We will also utilize the Discussion Board feature of eCollege. You will be expected to post discussion comments based on your readings for each of the case. You are encouraged to respond to your classmates’ postings and comments. This is your only way to earn participation points in this course. I will also facilitate a chat session at the beginning of the course in order to answer any questions or concerns about the course. General and MARKETING PLAN, as well as the final exam, will also be posted on eCollege, under the Doc Sharing tab. You should submit your work in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2003/2007 and post it in the appropriate Dropboxes when they are due. For online courses,
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MKT_501.01E_Spring_2011-_Sonia - MKT 501.01E 2011 MKT 501...

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