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Study_Guide_Exam_2-_501-01E - • Private Labels •...

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Review- Final Exam Chapter 12 Product Characteristics and Classifications Differentiation Product and Brand Relationships Packaging, Labeling, Warranties, and Guarantee Chapter 14 Understanding Price Setting the Price Adapting the Price Initiating and Responding to Price Changes Chapter 15 Marketing Channels and Value Networks Role of Marketing Channels Channel- Design Decisions Channel- Management Decisions Channel Integration and Systems Conflict, Cooperation, and Competition E-Commerce Marketing Practices Chapter 16 Retailing
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Unformatted text preview: • Private Labels • Wholesaling • Market Logistics Chapter 17 • The Role of Marketing Communications • Developing Effective Communications Chapter 18 • Developing and Managing an Advertising Program • Deciding on Media and Measuring Effectiveness • Sales Promotion Chapter 21 • Competing on a Global Basis • Deciding whether to Go Abroad • Deciding which Markets to Enter • Deciding How to Enter the Market • Deciding on the Marketing Program • Deciding on the Marketing Organization...
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Study_Guide_Exam_2-_501-01E - • Private Labels •...

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