quest_5834 - being implemented 13 What are the unique...

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Register Number: 7030 Name of the Candidate: M.B.A. (Applied Management) DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2008 (PAPER-IX) 210. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Dec) (Time: 3 Hours Maximum: 75 Marks SECTION-A (5 X 3=15) Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks 1. List out the characteristics of a project. 2. What do you mean by service oriented projects? 3. Define “Slack” 4. State the sources form which new project ideas may emerge. 5. Write a note on project appraisal. 6. How do activities differ from events? 7. What is the difference between avoiding risk and accepting a risk? 8. How does resource scheduling tie to project priority?
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-2- SECTION-B (3 X 10=30) Answer any THREE questions All questions carry equal marks 9. Write down the steps in the planning and development of a new product. 10. Discuss attributes of a good project manager. 11. Explain the taxonomy of projects with examples. 12. Enumerate the risks associated with levelling resources compressing or crashing projects and imposed durations or catch –up as the project is
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Unformatted text preview: being implemented. 13. What are the unique challenges to manage a virtual project team? SECTION-C (1 X5 =15) Answer any ONE question: 14. Which of the nine traits/skills associated with being an effective project manager is the most important? The least important? Why? –explain. 15. What can a project manager do to avoid some of the pitfalls of a highly cohesive project team? 16. “Reducing the project duration increases the risk of being late”- Explain.-3-SECTION-D (1 X 15=15) (Compulsory) 17. You are the incharge of organising a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo. a) Develop a scope statement for this project that contains examples of all the elements. Assume that the event will occur in 4 weeks and provide your best guess estimate of the dates for milestones. b) What would the priorities likely be for this project? ######...
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quest_5834 - being implemented 13 What are the unique...

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