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118A-Quiz5e-key - 3 Assign the appropiate designation of...

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H 3 C CH 3 Cl H Cl H OH a) b) c) 3-Bromoheptane H Br H CH 3 H H H H Br CH 3 H H a) b) H H 3 C F OCH 3 CH 3 H F OCH 3 H 3 C H O OH H H 3 C H OH HO CH 3 a) b) c) * * * Br * conformers enantiomers R S S 1. Assign the asymmetric carbon/s with an asterick and circle the chiral molecule/s. (3 points) 2. For each pair of structures below, indicate whether the two species are constitutianol isomers , enantiomers, diasteromers, conformers of one another. (4 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Assign the appropiate designation of configuration ( R or S ) to the stereocenter in each of the following molecules. (3 points) 118a quiz 5e...
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