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Name ________________________________ ID ______________________________ KEY: Brief Essay (10 points). Exam 1, Bis2A / Gerhart / Winter 2010 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is sometimes summarized as “mutation proposes, selection disposes.” In 5 or fewer sentences, explain what, exactly, this phrase means and how it is a summary of Darwin’s Theory. Mutation produces variation (2 pts) . Variation in phenotype causes differences in individual’s ability to survive and reproduce (fitness) (2 pts). These differences lead some individuals to be poorer at competing for
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Unformatted text preview: resources and producing offspring; such individuals are ‘disposed’ of (2 pts) in the sense that they fail to reproduce, or fail to produce as many quality offspring, so that their genes become less common in the gene pool (2 pts). This difference in ability to survive and reproduce is what is meant by selection and it causes evolution; in other words, the observation that more fit individuals survive better and produce more offspring leads to the tendency of organisms to become more suited to their environment over time (2 pts)....
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