Feb 1--class 4

Feb 1--class 4 - Feb 1st -We will discuss what has happened...

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Feb 1 st -We will discuss what has happened to media in America. -We are going to deal with the rise and fall of the LA Times -LA Times was critical in the expansion of downtown and getting water to LA -Bring in the current editor of the editorial section of the LA Times Movie -Harrison Gray Otis: the first editor of the Times, he had joined the civil war before becoming editor. -He founded the most popular chamber of commerce in the country -He bought out his partners in the Times -He hated unions -He defeated the Southern Pacific corporation and opened Los Angeles harbor Harry Chandler (Otis’s son in-law) eventually became the heir to the Times cause Otis had no sons. The purpose of the paper was to promote business expansion -The Times made people vote for a bond issue that was to be used for an aquaduct that would brin brought water to LA -However, water was brought to the San Fernando Valley and Chandler/Otis bought all the land in the Valley prior to the aquadut being built. They then made the SFV part of Los Angeles but this was a shady business deal -At age 61 Otis joined to Spanish American war and became a brigadier general -Oct 1 st 1910 an ink cabinet blew up cause it was loaded with dynamite and 20 people were killed and 16 injured. -The Times called it the ‘Crime of the Century’ On July 30, 1917 Otis died of heart failure, he was 80 -Chandler organized oil drilling in LA and brought Ford, Gm, and Goodyear to the city -Chandler took a chance on an aircraft engineer named Douglas, who started Douglas aircraft company and started LA’s 60 year dominance in the industry -Chandler built the Hollywoodland side as a real estate promotion -The Times was at the center of real estate, development, and transportation throught advertising and promotion -Chandler muscled the city of LA to build the LA Coliseum -A very Republican paper. -Chandler had tons of power so he controlled the police force to make unionization impossible Norman Chandler (Harry’s son) took over the paper -In 1964 the Times went public -Norman acquired more than 20 businesses with this capital -Times Mirror became the largest publishing company in the nation -In 1964 Time Magazine named the Times one of top 10 best papers in the nation
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The all white staff won a Pullitzer Prize for its reporting of the Watts riots Otis Chandler (Norman’s son) took over the Times -By 1977 the Times circulation reached 1 million and it was the most profitable paper in the nation and had 31 offices worldwide -Wyatt Thomas Johnson became the next publisher of the Times instead of Otis’s son Norman. Otis didn’t feel Norman was capable and Norman ended up dying of a brain tumor
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Feb 1--class 4 - Feb 1st -We will discuss what has happened...

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