Feb 15th--Class 6

Feb 15th--Class 6 - Feb 15th 50 multiple lecture(key themes...

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Feb 15th 50 multiple lecture (key themes, take aways, films, and reading (general gist of all) Russ Newman is my TA Citizen Kane >movie The Paper Phil Bronstein is our guest -He is editor at large of SF Chronicle -He has worked for Hearst Corporation his whole life -Chairman for Investigative Reporting up at Berkeley -Scheer worked for SF Chronicle and Bronstein at one time -You have to pay somebody to do the digging or you won’t get a story -Why haven’t they figured out a model for journalism to work online -They now have 160 people instead of 575 covering the news -Phil says creating good content for people is not a good business model -All you here is SEO for the journalists website -Communication and journalism hasn’t been the same thing for a while -Craig Newmark (craigslist guy) helped kill newspaper classifieds -Arrest in Bay Area who was supply steroids -They investigated the story and found out some big name athletes were buying -Government came after the press, they were headed to collision with Bush Justice Department because they didn’t give up their sources -Ultimately the main source was turned up because someone ratted on him and he went to jail -“It’s a problem because athletes were role models and steroid use was ramping up in college and high school sports and some suicides. - Our job was to say that this is going on. . because that’s the job of journalists… to report - it is up to somebody else to do something about it or not do soemthing about it journalists just say this is the way the game is played today - people were incredibly pissed off that the journalists were doing this - Phil was scared to even go to a baseball game with his son because people disliked him - Was it right to break this story to the public? o Protecting your sources is important to protect journalists - Government is the most powerful institution there is and their job is to perpetuate their power, and journalists job is to pierce the methodology - Phil… “I worry about new journalism organizations to sustain their operations and defend themselves” - Hot News: Information is leaked all the time o Example. Journalists who cover SC will say a lot of nice stuff about SC but when they dig deeper they may find something they do not like and will have to report it - Wen Ho Lee case?
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o Scientist who was accused of stealing governments weapons o Government was leaking information about the all the things he had stolen without an attribution o If someone tried to go against the government or question them they would go to jail
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Feb 15th--Class 6 - Feb 15th 50 multiple lecture(key themes...

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