January 11th--Class 1

January 11th--Class 1 - Nil’s Notes Jan 11 th 2 midterms...

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Unformatted text preview: Nil’s Notes Jan 11 th 2 midterms 2/22 >25% 4/12 >25% Final: May 10 th 7pm 40% EC is 3 points each on top of final grade Take good notes. Questions about the big picture/take aways from each class and READINGS Sports get into the issues of race (fans are white), amateurism/professionalism, why do we have a largely black football team when we have a very small black student population. A few years ago UCLA’s incoming class only had 70 blacks and they were all on athletic scholarship. The media exploits games just like the schools are. They don’t want to ask the tough questions that brings attention to them Athletic programs bring money and prestige The media will jump on a scandal if its huge but it will be hypocritical about it. Because they would get the interview they wanted, access to shit, etc Sophia was an athlete, he ex was a quarterback at SC. Petros Papadenkos -More money more problems. Only men’s football and basketball are revenue sports which make money.-He was a RB here at SC he was a captain. He was an English major here. -His dad played football here and his bro played here- Football is just entertainment-The greeks thought and believed that athletics revealed character and virtue.-Its real live drama/emotion- The major corrupting influence in the media is ACCESS- Another problem is when something is too good to check because the money is pouring in you don’t want to check.-What happened in the Pete Carroll was an embarrassment of riches. He ran his own show at practice and no one checked. The program was too open. College football is played in small towns and they protect their own. He says they shouldn’t get paid. Like how do you determine how much to pay each player, do u pay women’s sports. There is no payscale in a football team. There will always be people in the world to exploit transcendent talented people. IN 1970 there were no black athletes in the SEC. Im an entertainer not a reporter anymore because everyone has the information available now opn their phones the internet etc. There is no such thing as breaking news anymore. You listen to him to get entertained not to get information, because everyone has the information already. SO the media has to find its way to make the info funny etc. Hes backed out of everything hes done including his broadcasting career. He was always a reader and it saved his life. Ishu’s notes for that day Revenue sports • mens football and basketball • more money more problems… Athletes have different lifestyles- at the end of the day its all entertainment started from greeks • athletics did not create virtue but it reveals virtue What is sports actually? Why does it exist? No one wants change- NCAA only tests football and sports athletes for weed, drugs, steroids • they do not test people on academic scholarships or professors The Access- Paying football players • cannot do it • who will get paid more? The quarterback or the center? Football team or womens sports?...
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January 11th--Class 1 - Nil’s Notes Jan 11 th 2 midterms...

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