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January 25th--Class 3

January 25th--Class 3 - Jan 25th Injury occurred 43 years...

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Jan 25 th Injury occurred 43 years ago last Thursday -How war is depicted and the role of the media -The difficulty of capturing this part of reality -Truth being a casualty of war how do you find the truth -Propoganda’s influence -They met Memorial Day 1971 in a participation against the Vietnam war -Kovic and Bob were the only ones left at the cemetery where the demonstration was and that’s how they met -Bob covered the war -Bob thought Kovic would be dead a long time ago -Kovic says he knows the value of life, 2 marines died trying to saving him 43 years ago -The anniversary of being wounded is not a sad or tragic day for him anymore -It was difficult for him to adjust to being paralyzed but then he wrote the book, the movie came out -He says tragedy gives an opportunity to turn something bad into triumph -He says his injury makes him more determined to make the rest of his life count more -One of the great turning points in his life was making the movie - -Bob thought Kovic might have been suicidal years ago -Kovic was very strong, athletic when he was younger -But after he was wounded he got PTSD, got depressed, etc -The writing of the book, he became committed to stopping the war -First speech he made, there was a bomb threat and the whole rom had to get cleared -He joined the Vietnam Veterans against wars, and he spoke at a lot of high schools Notes on 01/25/2011 (Person #2) California Veteran's Movement Began to speak out against the war "Johnny's Got His Gun" by Dolgen Trumbo (book he got…that is one of the most powerful antiwar novels) -Also a film -This book INSPIRED Covek & he could relate to it He was arrested 12 times Last time he went to Vietnam (2nd time) -He wrote in his diary.."I'm going back to show those protestors to show them we are going to win Vietnam"….then years later he had joined the protestors Decided he was going to write his Vietnam story He was obsessed with idea that he was going to die young -Very tormented during this period "Born on the 4th of July"
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-Believed it was his last testament -So bought a $42 manual type writer….in a little over 1 month wrote the book Then flew to NY with his friend to try to publish his manuscript No agent…a couple of publishing houses agreed to meet with him (1 editor) Joyce Johnson @ McGraw Hill was down --> She convinced McGraw-Hill to purchase the book --> Sent manila envelopes back and forth from SM to NY for 1 year
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January 25th--Class 3 - Jan 25th Injury occurred 43 years...

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