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Greek - Dissonance combination of notes that violates the...

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IAH: Classical Greek: Three Phases: 1. Archaic Phase 700-500 BC 2. Classical Phase 500-350 BC 3. Hellenistic Phase 350-100 BC Characteristics of theater: - began in Athens - tragedy: Dramas Theme: Mythical Characters whose pride leads them to suffering or death Chorus: 12-15 actors sing and dance, represents idea of human error - comedy: Humorous Theme: everyday themes and characters Chorus: actors dressed as animals and in big costumes Characteristics of Music: - highly related to science, mathematics, politics and philosophy. - used for religious festivities and public occasions - well educated would learn dance and music - almost inseparable from poetry, drama, and dance - ratios were used in music: simple ratios are octave, fourth and fifths Music Theory: - developed by Pythagoras and Plato - modes- eight note scales - different instruments arouse different moods and emotions - consonance vs. dissonance
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Unformatted text preview: Dissonance: combination of notes that violates the harmonic system, promoting a feeling of tension in the listener Consonance: combination of notes that go along with the harmonic system. The cords sound pleasant and stable, the notes sound good together. Music Ethics:- Plato said music effected people spiritually, psychologically, and politically.- music influenced human character and behavior- modes could effect the character of people Instruments- Aulos : Greek tragedies , Dionysus (God of fertility and wine)- Lyre: Similar to harp, sometimes accompanied poetry- Kithara: used for processions, sacred ceremonies, and the theater Characteristics of Hellenistic Greek Culture:- Independent Greek city-states came together.- more libraries and museums- arts for a direct emotional viewer- more realisim in the arts- changes in philosophical postures and architecture...
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Greek - Dissonance combination of notes that violates the...

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