outline19 - trilobites - dominate Cambrian record

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  Outline 19 4/4/03   Origins and Precambrian Record of Life   3 features of living organisms cells, cell wall, metabolism Oparin - Haldane model for spontaneous generation of 1st living     organism prokaryotic cells eukaryotic cells endosymbiotic origin - Lynn Margulis organelles, nucleus Bacteria, Archaea, Eukaryota vs. Monera, Protista, Plants, Fungi, Animals Precambrian cells in cherts stromatolites - appear middle Archean (~3.5 bill. yrs.), peak in      Proterozoic, big drop in early Phanerozoic, barely survive to Recent metazoans - eukaryotic, multicellular animals "Small shelly fossils" Ediacara Fauna - 1st metazoans in latest Proterozoic
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Unformatted text preview: trilobites - dominate Cambrian record "Patterns" in metazoan groups - radiation, persistence through time, decline in diversity to "living fossil" status or final extinction correspondence to evolutionary faunas (times of maximum diversity) background extinction (normal times) mass extinctions (unusual events) - 5 medium-to-large events during Phanerozoic in marine environment; physical perturbation (several causes) + collapse of ecosystems; most at period or era boundaries (why?) Back to Outline Main page...
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outline19 - trilobites - dominate Cambrian record

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