people - People(Who did What Interior of the Earth...

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Unformatted text preview: People (Who did What?) Interior of the Earth, Geosyncline People Prothero & Dott Andrija Mohorovicic (Moho) G. B. Airy vs. G. H. Pratt James Hall (1850's) Continental drift and Plate tectonics People Alfred Wegener (1912) Harry Hess (1962) Vine & Matthews (1963) J. Tuzo Wilson (1965) Dietz & Holden (1970) "Chicago Group" (3 authors) (1980) Paul Hoffman (1990) Sediments, Deposition People Johannes Walther (1893) Time Scale People Nicholaus Steno (1600's) - Original horizontality, superposition Giovanni Arduino (~1760) - 1st sequence (Tertiary) James Hutton (~1790) - "Plutonist", Uniformitarianism Abraham Werner (~1790) - "Neptunist", early sequence (alluvium) William Smith - Law of Faunal Succession (1799), 1st Geologic Map (1815) Georges Cuvier (~1810) - Vertebrate succession, Catastrophism Rodney Murchison - Silurian, Devonian, & Permian periods Adam Sedgwick - Cambrian & Devonian periods Charles Lyell - Epochs of Cenozoic, Cyclic history Age Dating People Lord Kelvin (~1860) Bertram Boltwood (1907) Evolution People Carolus Linnaeus (1758) Jean Baptiste Lamarck (~1800) Thomas Malthus (1798) Charles Darwin (1859) Alfred Wallace (1858, ~1878) Gregor Mendel (1866) Glacial Cyclicity Person Milutin Milankovitch (1920's) Precambrian Life People Oparin & Haldane (1930's) Lynn Margulis (1967) Stanley Miller (~1952) Dinosaur Person Robert Bakker ...
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people - People(Who did What Interior of the Earth...

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