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www.filemyreturnls.com File your Income Tax Returns online!! This site provides a facility for filing your income tax returns online. No hassles of going to a lawyer, tax consultant or CA. No long queues, no last minute rush. As of now this Facility is available only in metros. However, it is going to be soon extended to many more cities. All the relevant details about deductions permitted under various sections like 80C,80CC, etc. are also available. A few goodies like a Tax Calculator has been thrown in too. All in all, a real cool site Want to venture into internet business? http://www.e1947.com/ The only place on the web where you can find guidance to help you realize your dot com dream, Free Of Cost!! The site gives information on Preparing a business plan, Evaluating ideas, Funding, Marketing and promotion Software development, Testing your web site and much more! www.visitingfaculty.com Trainers for corporate training !! If you have the necessary qualifications and the training skills and wish to use them gainfully, this is the site for you. You have to register with this site and then your name and services would be made available to the corporate clients at a cost. The services offered by this site are available to a few select cities with plans to extend the same to other cities as well www.nonags.com Visit nonags.com for freeware. Lots of software available free of cost. Software includes: utilities like Desktop utilities., File utilities, Printing utilities, Disk utilities, Sound utilities etc. tools like Web tools, E-mail tools, Multimedia tools etc. The other freeware are Games, Text Editor, Antivirus, Calculator, Remind Note, Security and much more... http://www.sysinternals.com There is a dearth of good literature on topics like Writing Device Drivers, Kernel Mode NT Programming WDA and other innards of Windows programming. For such programmers http://www.sysinternals.com/ is God sent. Not only would you find lot of Windows internal stuff on this site, you would also get good quality workable Windows programs with fully commented source code. Find everything about Device Drivers on http://www.kernalmode.com/ . Besides dearth of information on also find interesting FAQs on device drivers.
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www.cnet.com If information is everything then cnet.com is your key to nirvana. It's not an information bank. It is the banking capital of information. Any computer related information you want, it is unlikely that you would not find it on cnet.com. Be it an anti-viral alert, or a white paper on e-commerce technology, or top 10 downloads of the week, it's all there on cnet.com. All in all, a must-visit site. I f you love penguins, you got to visit http://www.freeos.com/ . Hosted by Prakash Advani this site has lot of goodies to offer to Linux users. These include the entire OS, source code, patches, fixes, articles, etc.
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