awakening - Awakening T T Voice of Love these will provide...

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november 2007 16 H e was the pride of every teacher. His grasp, his retention and his recall was incomparable. It is not without a reason he was a state rank holder in his board exams, the topper in Indian Institute of Technology and has now passed out among the top ten from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He had a problem of choices when it came to choosing his first employer, but the passionate citizen decided to stay in the soil that nurtured him. Today will be his first day at work as a Product Manager in an Indian company that had grown global. Ved and Avyakta sat in the balcony with a cup of tea in their respective hands. Greenery all round, chirping birds, flowing clouds, fresh breeze, expansive space - all these will provide a poetic setting, but the plain fact is that this 6'x4' small balcony was overlooking the road. There was intermittent traffic noise, but don't you get tuned to certain noises that they cease to be a disturbance any more. Nothing dreamy about the setting but sure enough, this was going to be the beginning of a dream. More than your own success, the success of people you have groomed, gives you greater satisfaction. To Avyakta it was a moment of parental pride. Ved has been everything a father would want of his son. The son asked the father, “ Abba , you seem to be more nervous than I am!” Avyakta replied, “It is not fear of failure Ved, but the anxiety for excellence. You have pampered our expectations with your results. You have raised the bar of expectations. Nothing but the best from you is accepted. I know you will, but…” Ved intervened, “I know Abba , every successful academician is not necessarily a success in his life. What is it that I need to know, that you know I couldn't have learnt from schools?” Avyakta waved his hands to the children in a school bus that passed by. Simple, costless luxuries! Children always respond, and inexplicably any response from a child curves the lips into a smile. Ved took the empty tea cups and deposited them in the kitchen sink. To ask a question and to peacefully wait for the answer, without getting desperately restless - isn't it by itself a professional virtue? Ved returned. Leadership is in the ability to win in
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awakening - Awakening T T Voice of Love these will provide...

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