awakening2 - december 2007 16 T he appointment was at 3.00...

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Unformatted text preview: december 2007 16 T he appointment was at 3.00 p.m. But it was already 3.20 p.m. S i v a h e s i t a n t l y entered Avyakta's office and uttered a cautious, “Sorry!” There are times when the 'sorry' from a person should be quietly absorbed. Only when mistakes hurt a person, they transform the person. When you respond with, “It's okay” to a 'Sorry', you are not providing the context for a person to feel the hurt for having committed the mistake. Then, people will only repeat the mistakes. Avyakta's facial expressions communicated to Siva, “Coming late was not okay.” The meeting however progressed and at the end of the meeting, Siva enquired, “If you are free, can I get something clarified? This question has been beating my brains ever since I started relating with you.” “Why do you make so much fuss about timing and punctuality? - is your question, isn't it?” Avyakta enquired. Siva smiled, nodded his head and passively waited for Avyakta to reply. Avyakta shifted from the other side of the table to a chair beside Siva. Avyakta explained, “How many times we have heard this saying, 'Existential glory is that all of us are born equals. Human glory lies in ensuring we do not die as equals'. We have also repeatedly heard that every human being is made of the same inside stuff and what is possible for one human being is possible for every human being. Haven't we? Now, be honest - have we all reached where we could reach? If all of us are made of the same inside stuff, then why so much disparity in results - one man is able to produce so much, while the rest are not able to? Why, for most people maximum effort seems to bear only minimum results, while for some, minimum effort brings in maximum results? Do you have any science that can explain this? I have…” Too curious and too connected, Siva stayed glued to Avyakta. Avyakta started. “Listen. You said you will meet me at 3.00, but turned up at 3.20. Practically speaking, the two of us are dealing with neither nanotechnology nor rocket A man can be his own take-off pedestal or his own bottleneck. It all depends on how strong his subconscious mind is. Let's learn how to strengthen our subconscious mind....
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awakening2 - december 2007 16 T he appointment was at 3.00...

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