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Permanent Magnet Generator For Wind Or Water Turbine

Permanent Magnet Generator For Wind Or Water Turbine -...

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Permanent Magnet Generator for Wind or Water Turbine Model B406 (from ebay ) This is a unique opportunity to buy a 3-Phase Permanent Magnet Generator suitable for making your own wind or water turbine, or to use as part of a petrol/diesel powered generator for battery charging. The generator produces over 800W when used to charge 24V battery banks, and it does this at only 500 RPM !!!!. These generators are the latest ones used on the recently launched Vortex Range of wind turbines www.vortexturbines.com If you'd like to build a simple wind turbine, then you can use this generator and only a few other components to make a very versatile, low rpm, high output system. Alternatively, use the generator with a water wheel or engine to make a low voltage charger unit for batteries. You could charge 12V 24V 36V or 48V batteries with this generator. All you need to do is adjust the rpm accordingly. The maximum output we've had from this generator is 1.6kW, when used as a small scale wind turbine, in a very strong gale one evening. The generator itself is very compact as you can see from the dimensions shown in one of the
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