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WEEK 10 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR Manuel Castells’ Globalization and Identity The crisis in political representation Explain why there is crisis in political representation. (p.6) There is a crisis because nation states are no longer ages of the people they are a state of globalization. People who are blue collar workers with no college degree will be hurt because the government is not looking out for them and are pursuing globalization,outsourcing or following free trade . Emerging identities Understand the legitimizing identity and be able to distinguish it from other identities. (p.7) Legitimizing identity is constructed by institution & the nation state. The French is different from the U.S in that it doesn’t allow ethnic groups to express their heritage or cultural community. Understand the resistance-based identity and be able to distinguish it from other identities. (p.8) Resistance based identity is formed when groups who feel like they are pushed away. They feel discriminated and don’t want to work within the system anymore. Understand the project-based identity and be able to distinguish it from other identities. (p.8) Project based identity is based on self identification, drawing upon cultural, historical, and geographical components. Working within the system to implement change. The conflict within and between religious identity and national identity Explain religion identity and its consequences in the Muslim world. (p.8) Religion is a #1 priority in Islam. The state has to promote and protect Islam to be legitimate. If the government doesn’t do these things than they wont be supported by their citizens. On the other hand the U.S priorities is income and employment. Economic growth in Islam is not that important. Explain growing separation between state and nation and its consequences. (p.9) There is separation between state and national value. The Tea Party believed that the state is getting away from what is national value. There is a growing gap in the Obama administration and there will be conflict.
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LINK: The Net Delusion by Evgeny Morozov What is the Twitter Revolution trap? (p.2-4) What is the Google Doctrine? (p.6-8) READING GUIDE : “Diasporas in Global Politics” How can diasporas play a key role in global politics? (p.2) How to the rise of diaspora politics poses a challenge to traditional approaches to foreign policymaking? (p.2) What are the four political actors that shape the nature and outcome of diaspora mobilization? (p.3-4) LINK: Changing Paradigms What is the dilemma facing globalized financial institutions? 6 POINTS Institutions like banks are taking their headquarters to Asia b/c that’s where the profit is. Many of them took bail out money, but once they are stabilized, they WEEK 11
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INTB_final_review[1] - WEEK 10 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR Manuel...

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