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Kin Exam 3 Review - KIN 312M Management of Physical...

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KIN 312M – Management of Physical Activity & Sport Programs SPRING 2011 Exam 3 Study Guide Lecture: SPORT TOURISM Reading: CHAPTER 11 Define sport tourism o Leisure-based travel that takes ppl temporarily outside their home communities to Participate in physical activities- not about competition Watch physical activities Honor attraction associated with physical activities Describe the dimensions of sport tourism o Time Excurionist (day trips) vs. Tourist (anything longer than 24 hours to a year) o Spatial Travel that takes the person outside their home community Out of town, state, country o Form of activity “sport” is characteriszd by unique rule sets Even if recreational Behavior Active, passive, or nastalgia Identify and explain the three types of sport tourism, give examples of each o Active Sport Tourism: travel to take part in a sport Recent trends- Range of sports offered to the tourist has increased More ppl are choosing to take active sport vacations Awareness of sport vacations has grown Ex: Sking vacations, golfing trips, etc. o Event Sport Tourism: sport events as tourist attractions and the sport tourists who travel to watch them. Two levels Hallmark event that draws international attention o Olympics o World cup o Cultural or religious events Small-scale sport events o Professional sports o College sports o Amateur sports o Nostalgia Sport Tourism: travel to visit sport hall of fames, sport-themeed vacations, fantasy sport camps, and touring famous sport stadia Ex: tours, fantasy camps (aimed toward older ppl and expensive), sport-themed vacations Describe the difference between Hallmark and small-scale sport events o Hallmark events- a major one-time or recurring event of limited duration, developed primarily to enhance awareness, appeal, or profitability of a tourist destiniation o Small-scale events- usually operates within a community’s existing infrastructure, requires minimal investment of public money, manageable in terms of crowing and congestion
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KIN 312M – Management of Physical Activity & Sport Programs Identify the reasons communities want to host Hallmark events o They help create new jobs, more money for the area, and new infrastructure o Destination image “the sum of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person has of a destination” Drives communities to invest to be a host Image influences tourist to visit Tourist satisfaction is important Word of mouth is an influental factor Explain the socio-cultural impacts of sport tourism, provide example o Positives Major source of income and employment for an area Renewed sense of pride- Psychic Income New ideas and liberation of values- sharing/celebrating of different values Perserve buildings, practices, and settings – Urban regeneration o Negatives Crowding and congestion Love-hate relationship between residents and tourists
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Kin Exam 3 Review - KIN 312M Management of Physical...

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