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Psychology exam 4 notes

Psychology exam 4 notes - April 11th Psychology Visual...

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April 11 th : Psychology! Visual processing is more like frames in a video, even though it seems smooth. In visual processing if you were to flash two very brief pulses of light (of red and no delay then green- the person will say that they saw one flash of yellow light -40 milliseconds) once to 60 milliseconds the person will say they finally see two flashes of light. The brain is buffering –to make it not seem that your vision is too jumpy, the brain will fill in the missing pieces and what it thinks fits best. Brain activity sometimes doesn’t add up to retina activity. Lynch- decided to imitate the vision based on a computer and its sensory o 2 of the 5 layers olfactory cortex, activate receptors o Each had certain odors o Strongest info gets on the first pass o Weaker takes longer o Obvious- that give you something specific and unique The brain will learn to recognize what smells relate to what objects and will start forming categories for each different smell. Different parts of the brain get same info but do different things with it. Multi pathways but all together make up conscious experience.
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