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Chemistry notes and whatnot - Electron related things: Cr =...

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Electron related things: Cr = [Ar]4s 1 3d 5 Cu = [Ar]4s 1 3d 10 Mo = [Kr]5s 1 4d 5 Number of valence electrons and types of orbitals they occupy are periodic. Trends in Atomic Radius: Main Group 1. Van der Waals radius: nonbonding, if the outer spheres are just barely touching. 2. Covalent radius – bonding radius, if the spheres are overlapping. Larger than a van der Waals radius. 3. Atomic radius grows as you go down the periodic table because each row gains a new electron shell 4. Atomic radius shrinks as you traverse the table from left to right because the larger numbers of protons pull the electrons towards the nucleus. a. Shielding: inner electrons shield the outer electrons from the pull of the nucleus. b. Z is the nuclear charge, S is number of electrons in lower energy levels c. Z effective = Z – S Trends in Atomic Radius: Transition Metals: 1. Atoms in the same group in\crease in size down the column 2. Atomic radii of transition metals roughly same size across the d block a. Much less difference than main group elements b. Valence shell ns 2 , including the (n-1)d electrons c. Effective nuclear charge on the ns 2 electrons approximately the same Electron configuration of transition metal cations in their ground state 1. When transition metals form cations, the first electrons removed are the valence electrons, even though other electrons were added after; electrons may also be removed
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Chemistry notes and whatnot - Electron related things: Cr =...

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