Wars of German Unification and WWI Buildup

Wars of German Unification and WWI Buildup - I . Wars of...

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I. Wars of German Unification: German nationalists (such as Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck) promote idea of unification as a result of warring powers on either side fighting in German-speaking states. Furthermore, this would create the most powerful European state. a. Roadblocks: i. France wanted to stop unification, saw unified Germany as a threat ii. Austria was most significant German-speaking state. If Germany united, they would steal Austria’s thunder iii. Southern-Germans were more rural, more Catholic, and looked suspiciously at Northern-Germans, specifically Prussians who they saw as militaristic b. Bismarck’s plan of action—3 wars i. First, 1864: Prussia and Austria vs. Denmark a. Bismarck negotiated with Austrians to kick Danes out of Schleswig and Holstein which had German populations, looking like heroes to Germans (giving Schleswig to Prussia and Holstein to Austria) b. Holstein, given to Austrians, is sandwiched between Prussian territories of Prussia and Schleswig, this puts pressure on Holstein a. Austria’s all like imam fight you, makes Austria seem to be an aggressor to other German countries ii. Second, 1866: Prussia vs. Austria a. Austria gets pissed about Holstein and whatnot, Bismarck bribes France to stay out of the war with Rhineland territory, and Prussia
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Wars of German Unification and WWI Buildup - I . Wars of...

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