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Mendelian Genetics - I . Mendelian Genetics: a....

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I. Mendelian Genetics: a. Pre-Mendelian concepts: BOOK b. Gregor Mendel: i. Lived from 1822-1884 ii. He was an Austrian monk iii. Grew up on a farm in what is now the Czech Republic that had been in his family for many years. iv. After high school, he moved on to a Philosophical Institute, and was recommended by his teachers to join a monastery in 1843. v. After studying theology at the monastery, he went to the University of Vienna, studying Math and Science. vi. Ended up teaching 1. While teaching, he studied the breeding of peas 2. Gave an oral report in 1865 and a written publication in 1866 a. The written publication was not well received. Nobody cared about it. 3. Soon after this, he became the Abbot of the monastery, which ended his work with peas. vii.Died in 1884, before his work was rediscovered (around 1900) 1. His works were rediscovered separately by 3 European scientists. viii. Why was he successful? 1. Trained in math, very quantitative. a. 29,000 plants! 2. Trained in science
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3. Peas were a good call on his part a. Small, so he could grow a lot of them b. They grow fast c. Flowers contain both male and female portions, thus they can be self-pollenated or cross-pollenated. d. Earlier work had been done on peas, so he could have consistent material to work with. ix. Ended up publishing 7 traits: 1. Fig. 12.4 2. Flower color, seed color, seed texture, pod color, pod shape, flower position, and tall vs. short. a. Experiment example: i. Crossed Purple flowered and White flowered plants (P generation) ii. F 1 generation (F = filial), all flowers were purple. iii. This created the ideas of dominant and recessive traits iv. F 1 was bred with one another, to create F 2 generation. 1. F 2 ’s results were approximately 3 Purple : 1 White. v. Self-crossed the F 2 generation, crossing whites with whites and purples with purples. 1. White flowers in F
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Mendelian Genetics - I . Mendelian Genetics: a....

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