Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics - M olecular Genetics I Transcription a...

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I. Transcription: a. DNA opens up “transcription bubble” around 12 nucleotides long i. mRNA nucleotides are added to match the DNA nucleotides, and the message is transcribed. b. Process goes fairly slowly: 50 RNA nucleotides per second are added i. This process of adding nucleotides is elongation ii. No primer or proofreading is necessary c. Termination: i. Near the end of the message, the RNA nucleotides pair with each other, and the mRNA strand loops together, disrupting the process which makes it all fall apart and the RNA strand comes off the DNA ii. Last nucleotides that are added are Uracil, which don’t bond as well, which also helps make the whole thing fall apart d. Transcription Unit: the distance from the promoter to the terminator on the DNA. e. mRNA codes for protein i. This occurs directly after transcription in prokaryotes ii. In eukaryotes, 3 things must be done to the mRNA before use (Post- transcriptional modifications): 1. 5’ cap is added on one end of the strand (this cap is GTP) 2. Poly-A tail is added to the other end of the strand 3. DNA is functionally divided, alternating between E1, I1, E2, I2, E3, I3, E4. a. E = Exon
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Molecular Genetics - M olecular Genetics I Transcription a...

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