Structures_of_the_Eye_and_Ear - Auditory canal Lateral...

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Kinesiology 1223: Anatomy and Physiology I Anatomy of the Eye and Ear This handout should serve as a guide to aid in the identification of models available during  laboratory class.  It should not be interpreted as the only material that the student will be tested.  Where applicable, illustrations from the lab manual have been included.  Students are also  responsible for this material. Relevant Figures :  26.1, 26.2, 26.4, 22.6, 27.1, 27.3 Eye: Ear: External structures Outer Ear Pupil Auricle Iris Helix Sclera Earlobe Medial commissure
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Unformatted text preview: Auditory canal Lateral commissure Lacriminal caruncle Middle Ear Tympanic membrane Muscles of the Eye Ossicles Superior Rectus Stapes Inferior Rectus Incus Medial Rectus Malleus Lateral Rectus Auditory (Eustachian) tube Superior Oblique Tympanic cavity Inferior Oblique Inner Ear Visual Structures Oval window Sclera Round window Cornea Cochlea Iris Cochlear nerve Pupil Vestibular nerve Lens Vestibule Retina Semicircular ducts Optic Disc Anterior Optic Nerve Lateral Choroid Posterior Ciliary body Vitreous body...
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Structures_of_the_Eye_and_Ear - Auditory canal Lateral...

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