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Upper Extremity_1 - Supraspinous Fossa Infraspinous Fossa...

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Kinesiology 1223: Anatomy and Physiology I Appendicular Skeleton (Upper Extremity) This handout should serve as a guide to aid in the identification of models  available during laboratory class.  It should not be interpreted as the only  material that the student will be tested.  Where applicable, illustrations from the  lab manual have been included.  Students are also responsible for this material. Relevant Figures :  9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6 Bones and Boney Landmarks Scapula Spine Acromion Process Coracoid Process Superior Angle Inferior Angle Axillary Border Vertebral Border Glenoid Cavity
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Unformatted text preview: Supraspinous Fossa Infraspinous Fossa Subscapular Fossa Clavicle Sternal End Acromial End Humerus Head Anatomical Neck Greater Tubercle Lesser Tubercle Intertubercular Groove Deltoid Tuberosity Medial Epicondyle Medial Condyle Lateral Epicondyle Medial Condyle Trochlea Coronoid Fossa Capitulum Olecranon Fossa Ulna Olecranon Process Trochlear (semilunar) Notch Coronoid Process Radial Notch Ulnar (medial) Styloid Process Radius Head Radial Tuberosity Ulnar Notch Radial (lateral) Styloid Process Hand Carpals Scaphoid Lunate Hamate Metacarpals Base (proximal) Head (distal) Phalanges Proximal Middle Distal...
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  • Spring '09
  • Humerus, Lunate bone, Tuberosity Medial Epicondyle Medial Condyle Lateral Epicondyle Medial Condyle Trochlea Coronoid Fossa Capitulum Olecranon Fossa Ulna, Inferior Angle Axillary Border Vertebral Border Glenoid Cavity Supraspinous Fossa Infraspinous Fossa Subscapular Fossa Clavicle Sternal End Acromial End, Fossa Infraspinous Fossa, Phalanges Proximal Middle Distal

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