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Unformatted text preview: FIRST WRITING ASSIGNMENT – G+R CL 3001 / English 2014 Due Thursday 30 September 2010 in class Please choose one of the two topics below on which to write a two- to three-page (double spaced) essay. Before you write, take a few minutes to organize your thoughts (you might want to write an outline first). You should use at least three specific examples from the reading we’ve done or from lecture to make your points. You will be graded on the coherence of your ideas, and how well you support them with specific evidence from readings and lectures. Grading scale is 10=A+, 9=A, 8=B, 7=C, 6=D, 5 and below=F. Please type your name and which question you have answered at the top of the first page of your paper, and bring your paper to class on Thursday 9/30. There will be no credit given for work turned in late and no exceptions made to this rule. Topics (please choose one): 1) In book nine of the Iliad , three ambassadors try to convince Achilles to return to the field. We did an in-class exercise concerning , three ambassadors try to convince Achilles to return to the field....
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