Midterm Exam and Answers

Midterm Exam and Answers - i M idterm E xam- E thnicitya nd...

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Midterm Exam - Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience in the U.S. - October 19,2009 PUT ALL ANSWERS ON THE ANSWER SHEET. TOTAL OF IOO POINTS POSSIBLE. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Three points each. l) Jefferson and the founders of the United States were influenced by social and politicalthinking characteristic of A) the Middle Ages. B) the Enlightenment. C) Romanticism. D) Existentialism. 2) Someone who enters one country from another is called A) an immigrant. B) an undocumented worker. C) an emigrant. D) an out migrant. 3) Gordon defines group as one set off by race, religion, or national origin, or some combination of these categories. A) a minority B) an ethnic C) a majority D) a supremacist 4) The definition of the concept of race as a separate group with significantly different characteristics and abilities inherited at birth has been around since A) rhe 1700s. B) the 1990s. C) earliest human civilizations. D) World War II. 5) W. I. Thomas claimed that if people define situations as real, then A) they are real in their consequences. B) the results are certain. C) they cannot be defined. D) they are objectively real. 6) Myers argues that oppression can be based on A) sexual orientation. B) gender. C) race and ethnicity. D) all of the above. 7) In 2000, about what percentage of the U.S. population belonged to a minority group? A) ts% B) 65% c) 4s% D)30% 8) The U.S. and Northern Ireland have this in common: A) The dominant group in both countries
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Midterm Exam and Answers - i M idterm E xam- E thnicitya nd...

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