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Myers, Chap. 3_Study Guide

Myers, Chap. 3_Study Guide - Myers Chapter 3 Race and...

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Myers, Chapter 3: Race and Ethnicity in Other Societies MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) All of the following are legal categories in South Africa except A) White. B) Black. C) Native. D) Colored. Page Ref: 59 2) Apartheid legally ended in A) 1994. B) 1948. C) 1900. D) 1860. Page Ref: 59 3) Which political party has dominated S. African politics since apartheid ended? A) African National Congress B) Green Party C) Democratic Alliance D) Socialist Page Ref: 60 4) In South Africa, Blacks face all of these problems EXCEPT: A) lack of legal protections B) unemployment C) poverty D) high rates of HIV/AIDS Page Ref: 60 5) The U.S. and S. Africa have similar histories of race and ethnic relations in which area? A) Both had systems of 'separate but equal.' B) Both have lasting divisions between minority and majority groups. C) Both had slavery. D) all of the above Page Ref: 61 6) On the surface, ________ appears to be the dividing factor between the majority and minority groups in Northern Ireland: A) wealth B) national origin C) religion D) race/biology Page Ref: 62-63 7) At a deeper level in Northern Ireland, ________ divided their groups. A) national origin B) religion C) race/biology D) wealth Page Ref: 63 8) The minority group in Northern Ireland are the 1
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A) Catholics. B) British. C) Protestants. D) all of the above. Page Ref: 63 9) Which factors played into Northern Ireland's history of conflict?
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Myers, Chap. 3_Study Guide - Myers Chapter 3 Race and...

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